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“To be or not to be, that is the question.” – Hamlet (Shapespeare) The opening line from one of the most famous soliloquy of all literary quotations.
The meaning of these words and the interpretation there of have been the focus talking point in history lecture and group discussions for many years.

So the question remains... “To be or not to be?”
I guess for every aspect of your life you can ask and apply those words and at the same time get an answer right for you.

Just the other day I said to Marsha, “I think we are making a real difference with Herbalife”.  Helping people get results, improve their health, control their weight, and yes, even change their outlook on life and less than 3 hours ago I got a call of one of our customers saying how amazing she feels, thanking us for helping her with Herbalife and helping her get results.
Wow, that is truly an amazing feeling!!  We are so proud to be part of Herbalife, this is our 13th year and I must say I am having more fun than ever before!!

With that in mind, I would love to share some every interesting fact on a few topics.

“To have enough or not to have??”
Q: Do you get enough Omega 3’s??
A: Yes, No, Maybe, What is Omega 3?

Omega 3’s is fats commonly found in marine plants and oils.  Considered essential fatty acids, meaning they cannot be synthesized by the human body but are vital for normal metabolism. (Did you know that world-wide the sales of Omega 3 supplements have surpassed the sales of multivitamins?)

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are important to maintain health and thus your general well being and wellness.
The body cannot produce them independently and we must obtain them from dietary sources which are deficient in the modern diet. Marine food (including salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines) are the main sources of Omega-3’s, but not always a first choice culinary option. Or, it may be due to the high prices paid for quality fish.

At least 3x portions of marine food, weekly, is the recommended amount indicated by nutritional experts.

The ideal ratio for the Human Body is 1:1 (Omega 3 & Omega 6), with a tolerance of maximum 1:4 (Omega 3 & Omega 6).

Our diet today: 1:20 (Omega 3: Omega 6) and some cases the ratio is 1:50.

This is a complete disaster and the body is finding it harder and harder to function without the essential fats (Omega 3).  Our diets today are packed with cheap carbohydrates and very low nutritional value. A lack of Omega 3 or the absolute over consumption of Omega 6 is fuelling some of the major lifestyle diseases.

This includes:
Memory Problems (Alzheimers)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cardiovascular Disease
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Immune Deficiencies
Vision Disorder
(To name just a few)

Introduction: Herbalife’s Herbalifeline (Omega 3)

Herbalifeline is a premium-grade nutritional marine lipid complex (fish oil) supplement. Marine foods are truly nutritious and studies show that the western diet does not take advantage of this marine harvest.

For those who eat fish once a week or not at all, Herbalifeline is the perfect high quality Omega-3 substitute to help top off the body’s needs. Because Omega-3’s are mainly found in marine foods, we must either consume through diet, or supplementation and Herbalifeline provides the solution.

Herbalifeline will assist in maintaining supple joints and support the natural functioning of the heart and circulation. The Omega-3’s can also help in maintaining a healthier looking skin. Herbalifeline’s capsule contains three essential oils in thyme, peppermint and clove which helps keep the fish oils fresh, pure and virtually eliminates any aftertaste.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids - ‘Essential’ because the body cannot produce Omega-3’s and must be obtained through diet or supplementation.
EPA’s (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA’s (Docasahexaenoic Acid)

EPA’s & DHA’s are converted by the body into prostaglandins, which perform important functions in the body.
These hormone-like substances are considered essential for proper brain function affecting vision, co-ordination and learning ability. Omega-3 fish oils are renowned as the supplement for mood disorders.
Part of the Herbalife Heart Healthy range

Key benefits:
Cordyceps to help increase ATP production and support stamina and endurance
Reishi mushroom to help enhance your body`s ability to cope with stress
Arctic root (Rhodiola) to help promote stamina by supporting adrenal function

NOTE: (Beware of cheap Omega 3 products - they simply do not do the job and will leave a fish taste for hours after consumption)

Click here for more info on Herbalifeline

“Do you eat to live, or live to eat?”
Q: What’s for dinner?
A: Rice, potatoes and meat!!

If you missed our previous newsletter: What colour is your diet, click here to read it now

Yes, yes, I know..... I am sure there is nothing wrong with what you eat.... but let’s take a closer look at what has happened over the past 80 years in our modern society.
My mother never let me leave the table unless I had finished all the food on my plate, what about your?  And yes we got the best of the best of the best each time we sat down to enjoy a home cooked meal.  Growing up in a small town and being raised by a phenomenal mother we had the luxury of getting at least 4 – 6 different vegetables each day as well as a nice healthy piece of protein. Good balanced breakfast and a small but filling dinner.

After leaving my parents home and starting to feed myself, within 6 months I found myself with a few extra kilograms and this while I was still extremely active with sports.  Things turned for the worse when I broke my collar bone playing rugby and as a result could not do any exercise for 6 weeks.  Within 1 year after leaving my parents home I started wearing size 44 pants.  Can you believe that?

I knew I had to make a plan but what??

Understanding Nutrition:
Nutrition: The materials necessary to support life
Calories: The amount of energy produced from food

Law of gravity:
If you climb a tree and put one foot wrong you will fall to earth at a rate 10meter per second. This is the law of gravity.  If you sit at your desk right now and drop a pen it will fall to the floor.  Even if it rains outside and even if the Bulls did not make it in to the Super Rugby finals, the law of gravity retains the same.

Law of weight control:
If you take in less calories than what you burn your lose body fat
If you take in more calories than what your burn you gain body fat
If your calorie intake = the calories burned then your weight will remain the same.

This is correct, but the composition and manufacturing process of our foods have changed and food companies are very cleaver in the way they make and prepare foods.
80 years ago the ration of Nutrition: Calories were 1:1
You consume 1g of protein and you get X calories
You consume 1g of cabs and you get Y calories

Today the ratios are 1:10 | 1:20 | 1:50 (Nutrition: Calories)

Average woman requires: 1200 – 1500 Calories and the average man requires: 1800 – 2000 per day
BUT, get between 2700 and 4000 calories per day!!

The bottom-line is Nutrition is what your body need to survive.  When it does not get the right Nutrition (Materials to support live) it slows down and start going into starvation mode where the metabolism burns less and less calories in order to survive with limited recourses (nutrition).

You body will remain hungry for nutrition until it gets everything that it needs.  Your body do not crave calories, it craves NUTRITION. Because of the state of our food you consume huge numbers of calories while trying to get the right Nutrition the extra calories is then converted into body fat.  With most people the body fat is visible, they start expanding, but with a growing number of individuals the body fat is accumulated around their organs.  In the mirror they look okay (ie not over weight) but inside their organs are battling to function (TOFI – Thin Outside, Fat Inside)

Trying to improve your health, lose weight, gain weight, and have better energy ALL STARTS WITH IMPROVE NUTRITIONAL INTAKE, without the massive amounts of calories!!!!


-          This is why you will get lasting results using Herbalife
-          Taking 1 x shake meal daily improve your nutrition and crab your hunger
-          Start with breakfast
-          Give your body everything it needs without thinking about it!
-          Cost R10 per meal
-          Only 220 Calories per Herbalife F1 – Healthy meal
-          Taking 2 x Herbalife F1 – Healthy Meals (500 calories max) that leaves more than 1000 calories for snacks and 1 and normal balanced meal.

Find a program that will work for you:

My parents and grandmother loves Herbalife, its quick, convenience and they know they get everything they their bodies need without having to source and prepare for hours and hours!

London Olympics – 2012:
Did you know over 40 top athletes competing in the London Olympics are using Herbalife as they preferred Nutritional Supplement?
Over 1000 sports teams and professional athletes take Herbalife everyday!
Do they know something you don’t??

Look your best this summer – “It is all about being the best you can be!!”

All the best, rest well!

Gideon Basson

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