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Seriously about getting into shape?YES - any activity is magic, when you eat less and move more you will lose, but what do you lose?
YES - activity helps with circulation and overall wellness, when you do it right!
YES - short term you will feel a difference, however did you know long term you can do more harm than good without the correct Nutritional intake?

of your results are Nutrition related
20% is from the activity

Improve energy?
Gain Muscle?
Lose body fat?
Shape up?
Feel better?

(1) Consuming 5 protein based meals
- 3 x meals and 2 x snacks 
- ensure you consume your daily required protein
- Healthy Active Lifestyle is 24 hours per day, not just before and after activity


(2) Drink enough water
- ensure you hydrate with enough water
- based on your current weight, adjust your water
- avoid carbonated drinks
- avoid sugar and hidden sugars or artificial sweeteners


(3) Feed & Fuel your workout 
[FUEL] - 20 minutes before you workout 
NB -Training on an empty stomach will cause muscle breakdown and fatigue
Fueling your workout increase fat loss and muscle gain


[HYDRATE] - ensuring hydration and complex carbs and/or electrolytes to fuel your workout
- Energy to be your best


[RE-FUEL] - immediately after workout
- Recovery is often overlooked 
- Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) helps fast effective recovery 
- For training days over 60 minutes you need to adjust your protein factor


Don't be fooled by those big containers sold in the shops

Many of those products are filled with fillers!
If you ever had one of those products you will know after mixing it, there is always a residue on top of the mixture that never dilutes in water!
If it doesn't dilute in water it will also not dilute in your body - therefor it simply passes through your system with little or zero effect!
Kids and Sport
Look out for tomorrow's email......
Are your kids taking part in any sport activity?
Tomorrow I will be talking about the importance of avoiding sugar and sugar energy drinks while doing sport
How to fuel and ensure the best results for your kids!


Gideon & Marsha
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Did you know?
- Herbalife has over 1000 professional athletes and sports teams using Herbalife and Herbalife24 sports products to fuel their performance?
(including world football star - Cristiano Ronaldo)
- Did you know all Herbalife products have been scientifically proven to give your body 100% of everything you need?
- Did you know Herbalife have a team of 70+ professor, scientist and doctors responsible for development and continue improvement of the Herbalife products?
- Did you know Herbalife is the the world-wide leader, more than 40% of all meal replacements being consumed daily is a Herbalife shake
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